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Christopher Legal Group

Here are some of the testimonials from some satisfied cleints:

On two separate occasions I have worked with Christopher Legal Group to sell properties through a short sale. Each time the level of service was exceptional and efficient. Mr. Christopher took the time to fully explain the process, both good and potentially bad. I felt like I had a clear understanding of what was happening throughout.
What I liked best was that throughout both processes there was very little stress as Mr. Christopher and his staff were excellent in providing guidance and timely updates. Essentially, they did all of the legwork. Their efforts and attention made the process of short selling my properties as easy as it possibly could be. Furthermore, I had a greater level of comfort knowing that I had a lawyer handling my short sales as opposed to only a broker.
Both times Mr. Christopher found qualified buyers quickly and provided complete guidance throughout. He took the time to personally discuss any questions or concerns I had. Whenever I dealt with his staff they were courteous and helpful.
I have recommended Christopher Legal Group to my friends with the confidence that they would receive the same excellent level of service that I received.
V.A.D, Las Vegas, NV (5/20/2013)
Most folks don’t go out of their way to do things for other.  Thank goodness you aren’t most folks.  [My wife] and I want to sincerely thank you for helping make this difficult process less stressful.  With so many horror stories out there, it is a blessing to know someone you can trust.  God Bless,
M&J M., Las Vegas, NV (2-12-13)
A huge thanks to Shawn and his incredible staff! I appreciate all of your hard work.  Congratulations on a job well done!  lf you have ever considered trying  to short sale your home without the expertise of an attorney, please!!! THINK AGAIN! 
Prior to short selling my two homes, I had worked with BofA on my primary residence for a loan modification and with Chase Bank for an investment property for well over two years. What I learned over those two years is that the banks will do everything to make your life difficult. They truly are not prepared, knowledgeable, or willing to work with people who really need help on their upside down properties.
Finally, I decided to obtain help from Christopher Legal Group. I was advised that a short sale would be the most logical way to go for my particular circumstances. I was told by Shawn Christopher from the beginning that it may take a while to accomplish the two short sales, however he assured me that he would do everything to make things go as smoothly as possible.
I knew he had his work cut out, especially since he would be working with both banks simultaneously. He would need to jump through the same hoops that I did for a loan mod. Only this time, he had the experience, the negotiating skills, and the authority to make the banks stand up and pay attention.
Within six months, he was able to get a short sale completed with Bank of America on my primary residence with a complete release of liability. For me, that was an outstanding job! Throughout the entire transaction, l was kept informed as to what was being done. Shawn and his incredible staff diligently worked their way through the maze of paperwork required by the banks. They always kept in constant communication with me through emails and phone calls.
But…guess what?? That was the easy transaction, compared to what they had to deal with on my investment property! Chase definitely would not even consider working with me for a loan mod or a short sale. They basically told me too bad, too sad! But once again, with perseverance, diligence and patience, Shawn and his staff were able to complete a short sale in about nine months. He also got a release of liability on this transaction as well! Again, through the entire process, l was always kept informed as to the status of the short sale.
I am forever grateful to Christopher Legal Group for their integrity and professionalism. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
M.C., Sparks, NV (formerly of Las Vegas) 4-19-12

Dear Shawn:

Shawn, I wanted to write and thank you and your staff for providing me with wonderful, professional and  honest experience in both my loan modification and the sale of my home. Everything was done on time and as promised.   You treated me like a friend, a very pleasant and unusual experience here in Las Vegas given most service providers are only interested in getting your money.  Thanks again, and I will happily give any one I come in contact with my heartiest recommendation of your services.
Thanks again my Friend,
R.S., Henderson, NV 3-23-12

Early in 2011 I made the decision to deal with my real estate problems and attempt to recover from the underwater mortgage mess my house was in.  I asked several real estate agent friends of mine and they all gave me the same person to contact, Shawn Christopher.  I made an appointment and stopped in for a free consultation.  He laid out all my options in plain English so I could understand how they work and the repercussions from each.  He then went on to explain how his representation could protect me from constant bank harassment and collection calls.  After retaining him he dealt with the bank representatives and any collection departments that would have contacted me.  My case wasn’t the easiest but he did promptly answer all my questions and concerns as we moved thru the process.  I can’t thank Shawn and his team of experts enough for all the hard work and service they provided me.  They always made me feel like my case was important to them and not just another case number that had to be dealt with.  When my friends ask how it went I tell them it was the best money I have spent.   Thanks again Shawn
S.M.H., Las Vegas NV 3-10-12

I highly recommend Shawn Christopher.  I’ve worked with a number of attorneys over the years and usually the meetings are at the most difficult times of life.  Losing my house was the most recent.  Since I could see it coming, I checked out many local attorneys, all of them with Bankruptcy experience since I knew I might need to go that route.  Shawn has been handling Bankruptcy cases and Short Sales for some time and going in, he offered something most attorneys did not: the ability to broker my house.  And that meant less parties involved.  I met with Shawn and he gave me a sense of competence.  He told me that he would return my calls and emails promptly.  I’ve heard that before, and I’m here telling you he and his team lived up to Shawn’s promise.  Shawn and his staff are very professional, very pleasant, and easy to work with.  They did an excellent job getting me through this very difficult and lengthy process, taking the time to answer my questions, and keeping me in the loop.  And I worked mostly with Shawn.  Thanks again Shawn.
W.G., Henderson, NV 9-16-11

Shawn, I want to thank you and your associates for your representation and services that you provided me in regard to by recent real estate transaction.  As I am a no nonsense kind of person, I appreciated your frankness and candid attitude when dealing with me and my concerns. As you know, I have owned many businesses, and consequently, have dealt with many different law firms.  You and your associates have performed beyond all others.  Again, I thank you and if the opportunity arises, I will recommend your firm to anyone in need.

Very Truly Yours;
J.M.N., JR. Las Vegas, NV 12-21-10